What Criteria Do I Look For When Choosing A Web Design Company For My Restaurant? Web Design

What Criteria Do I Look For When Choosing A Web Design Company For My Restaurant?

If you require a new website for your restaurant, then it can be somewhat daunting trying to work out how and where to go about it. The specialists at www.slinkywebdesign.com.au advise that when choosing a web design company, you make sure that they are experienced and can meet 5 core criteria that will ensure your restaurant’s website is a success.

#1 Skilled Designers

When talking about website design, that does mean that it has to be an artistic masterpiece, and in fact, the phrase, ‘less is more’ is very apt in these circumstances. Remember, when someone lands on your website, you want them to be looking to discover what food your restaurant offers or to see some reviews from previous diners. If they are distracted by garish colours and over-the-top graphics, they will most likely click away.

Proper web design ensures that a website is welcoming, attractive, and matches both the branding of the restaurant and the type of restaurant it is. For example, the design of an Italian restaurant’s website will look somewhat different from that of a burger bar.

#2 Expert Programmers

Nothing can harm a business more than if its website does not function properly. You only get one chance to make a good impression and if someone looking for a restaurant lands on your website and their first impression is slow loading pages or an error message, they will click away, never to be seen again.

Only allow a web design agency to build your website who can guarantee that those creating it are expert and experienced programmers. Not only will it mean people’s experience of your website will be a good one, but it can also help with search engine rankings too.

#3 Effective Copywriters

You want your restaurant’s new website to be more than just a list of the starters, main courses, and deserts that you offer. Instead, you want it to ‘sell’ your restaurant and although the awesome images of your food dishes will contribute to that, the main way it can be done is with the words on the page.

Copywriting is selling with the written word, and so you want to ensure that the web design agency building your website has skilled copywriters who are highly effective in getting people to respond to their words, especially if that response is to pick up the phone to make a table reservation.

#4 SEO Expertise

Although meeting the ranking goals of SEO can take some time, there is a lot to be gained by ensuring that a new website has all the elements in place to assist both its short-term and long-term rankings. Professional web designers and programmers who work with SEO experts in their team will know what Google is looking for when it is ranking a website, and so will ensure that elements such as the metadata, page titles, and alt text are all in place.

#5 Verifiable Track Record

One of the best ways to find out if the web design agency you are considering for your restaurant’s website is up to the job, is to assess its previous work. Look for testimonials and reviews, plus do not be afraid to ask to see examples of previous websites it has built for other clients.

You could even go a stage further and contact those business owners whose website was built by the web design agency to ask about their experience with them and whether they would recommend them to build your restaurant’s website.