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How To Make Visitors To Your Website Stay Longer With Good Web Design

Having spent time, money or both attracting visitors to your website the last thing you want to happen is for them to click away almost immediately because of poor web design. This can be avoided by ensuring some basic web design elements are implemented when building or updating your business website.

Firstly, you want to ensure when anyone clicks through to your website, that it loads in their browser quickly. Nothing makes visitors click away faster than having to wait for more than a couple of seconds for the page to load.  To help loads times media elements such as video and images should not be overused when designing your website and their file sizes should be minimised where possible.

Another way to quicken your site’s loading time is to avoid the use of scripting languages which create visual effects. Some scripts are not compatible with certain web browsers and are even prone to crashing, which is something you definitely don’t want to happen to your visitors.

With various types of web browsers available such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, it is vital that your web designer ensures all the pages of your websites can be viewed on the most popular browsers properly. In addition to this, and with the huge explosion in the use of mobile devices for browsing, having your web designed so it is mobile compatible is something every business with a website should be doing.

Once someone has arrived, their ability to navigate easily and without confusion through your site will help keep them on your site for longer. Not everyone who visits will be familiar with how websites work so using good web design to create a simple navigation structure will ensure they won’t get confused and leave.

If you have text on any of your pages, best web design practice is to use paragraph lengths that are relatively short. Having to read through huge blocks of writing is not something web users like, so keep them happy with short blocks of text. Using sub-headings, bullets, and large margins will make pages easier to read and more visually appealing to your visitors.

To keep the design of your website consistent throughout, the use of using Cascading Styling Sheets (CSS) is recommended. These make expanding your website by the addition of extra pages easier and quicker. CSS also saves time by enabling any changes in design to be implemented on all your website pages at once, rather than having to edit each of them individually.

The key to your website visitors staying for longer is a clean, simple design that has nothing which might confuse them. You want them to enjoy the experience to the extent that even if they do not take action this time such as purchasing, they will be willing to return at a future date to do so.