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5 Web Design Failings That Can Reduce The Number Of Leads Your Website Generates

Is your website designed to generate leads for your business? We ask that because lead generation is one of the most common goals that any new web design is supposed to achieve. This is in contrast to websites that are purely designed to showcase and boost a business’s brand, or eCommerce websites where the obvious objective is to generate sales of products.

Coming back to websites that are designed to generate leads, you must have a great position or enticement for anyone to enter information on your website. This can range from a detailed quotation form where they enter multiple pieces of information to a simple opt-in box where they enter their email address.

Regardless of how simple or how complex the means of them moving from a visitor to lead is, there are core web design principles that apply to both. There are also several mistakes that you can make within your web design that can impair the lead generating function of your website and in the worst cases render it null and void completely. Here are five of the biggest web design failings that Slinky Creative can help you avoid within your web design.

Technical Glitches: If something does not work properly people tend to avoid it, and if the thing which is broken is your website then visitors will simply click away, never to become a lead for your business. Technical issues within a web design are best avoided by having professional web designers create your website in the first place. Beyond that, if someone else created your website, then a web design agency may be able to fix it or redesign it so that it functions properly.

Confusing Website Navigation: We have written often about the need to avoid confusion for website visitors on several occasions and will continue to do so for as long a Google places so much emphasis on user experience. As for visitors to your website, to have any hope of them becoming leads then their experience for navigating your website must be a positive one. This can be achieved by having a straightforward menu on each page.

Not Optimised For Mobile Devices: On any given day as much as 60% to 70% of internet access is via mobile devices. This means if your website is not fully optimised for use on mobile devices, you are severely compromising its chances of generating leads. As well as your website being responsive for mobile displays, your content also needs to be formatted for easy consumption on mobiles too.

Inferior Content Quality: This is an issue that occurs time and time again, so we feel obligated to include it. The simple fact is, if the content within your web design is inferior, you give visitors no reason to stay, their impression of your business will be a negative one, and ultimately the question in their minds will be “Why should I give this business my details when their website and everything in it is so poor?”

Weak Or Confusing Calls To Action: If you want a visitor to your website to become a lead they must give you some level of information be it an email address or complete details so you can generate a quotation for them. If you do not tell them clearly what action they must take, do not be surprised if the only action they do take is to click away to visit another website.