5 Ways to Ensure Your Office Relocation Goes Smoothly Business Advice

5 Ways to Ensure Your Office Relocation Goes Smoothly

Whenever an office relocation takes place it is in everyone’s interests that it goes smoothly. That includes you, your staff, your customers, and even the removalists who help you to make the move as it gives them one more satisfied customer. There are many things that can go wrong during to an office relocation, some of which may be out with your control, however, the vast majority of office relocations should go without a hitch.

There are several key actions that you can take to make sure that if your business is considering an office relocation, and if it goes ahead, it will be successful. Here are 5 ways in which those actions can be implemented and ensure, with the help of Perth Removalists, your office relocation goes smoothly.

#1: Choose Your New Location With Care

The new premises are often taken for granted when the logistics of an office relocation are being planned but given that they are going to influence the move’s success in a big way, they deserve a high level of thought and consideration.

For a start, your new offices are where your staff will be spending at least 8 hours every day so want them to be ones that you know they will like. Other elements such as access, the distance from your present location, and closeness to suppliers all need to be carefully considered when choosing your new location.

#2: Plan It Down To The Finest Detail

If any office relocation is going to be successful it needs to be planned, and given the nature of such a move, it needs to focus on as many of the small details as possible. You do not want to join the list of business owners who turn up at their new offices only to realise they forgot to arrange for the electricity to be switched on. One way to create the plan is to break the whole relocation process into sub-sections and then allocate each one of these to a specific individual.

#3: Employ Proven, Professional Removalists

There are lots of moving parts to office relocation, and apart from yourself, your removalists company is going to be one of the most important. For your office relocation to have any chance of being a success on the day it is essential that you choose your removalists carefully. Look for professionals who have a proven record, and better still, removalists who have been recommended to you by others who have employed them recently.

#4: Involve Your Staff As Much As Possible

Just as the success of your business relies to a large degree on the dedication of your staff, it is only right that you try to involve them as much as possible with your office relocation, including getting their input on potential new offices. Beyond that, doing as much as you can to generate a spirit within the team that the relocation is something everyone has a stake in, will ensure that all your employees want to do their bit in making the move a success.

#5 Communicate With All Interested Parties

Whilst there will be many obvious people that you will want to communicate with such as your staff and your removalists, the list is a lot longer than just those two. There are utility companies, customers, suppliers, IT services, transportation services, and so on. Brainstorm this with your staff and make a checklist of who you need to inform. You might even want to contact your local media for a bit of free publicity regarding your relocation.