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5 Critical Web Design Features That Ensure Your Family Lawyers Website Attracts New Clients

Are you happy with the number of new clients your family lawyers business is attracting? Whether you are or not, we are sure that you would not say no to having more clients. After all, they are the lifeblood of your business. Attracting new clients can be done in several ways, with the most common being to market your family lawyers business to bring visitors to your website who then call you or leave their details so you can call them.

That all sounds great, but what happens when, despite excellent marketing in place, the number of leads generated is insufficient? There are several causes for this, including not targeting the correct audience with your marketing, but, invariably, the real culprit is a poorly designed website.

Your website is most likely the first aspect of your family lawyers business most potential clients see. As with anything related to business, if the first impression they have, thanks to your website, is good, then that is positive. But what if that first impression is poor. Additionally, what if your website is confusing, its navigation is complicated, or nothing that induces them to contact you? The result is, they leave.

Sadly, that is a scenario that countless businesses suffer from including family lawyers. This means no matter how much they spend on it or how effective their marketing is, the ROI is minimal due to poor website design. If any of this rings true for you, the good news is it can be rectified by ensuring some core web design features are present within your website.

Ensure It Works 24/7: It might seem obvious that your website should be working but you would be shocked by how many websites do not. Nothing is more likely to see visitors click away immediately than them landing on a slow loading website with error messages and elements of a page not working, so ensure everything within your website works correctly.

Ensure It Includes Specific Pages: Internet users expect to see certain pages within websites and whilst they serve a practical function, they also help build confidence in your business. Two prime examples are an ‘About Us’ page where you can highlight individuals within the team and give more information about your family lawyers business, and a ‘Contact Us’ page allowing them to ask for a callback.

Ensure It Is Congruent With Your Branding: Consistency is important online, and this means whichever branding you have and subsequently use within a marketing campaign, that same branding should be present on your website. That includes logos, colours and each page of your website being identifiable to visitors throughout.

Ensure It Is Designed With Your Target Audience In Mind: All consumers have a perception as to what they expect to find when they land on a website relating to a particular business type. For example, your family lawyers website should have an appearance that is in tune with what those looking for legal services would expect, and look completely different to a website promoting backpacking holidays.

Ensure It Has An Unambiguous Call To Action: Many websites fail to perform due to visitors not being directed to perform a specific action. This ‘Call To Action’ must be clear, simple, and devoid of any ambiguity such as ‘Call This Number’ or ‘Enter Your Name And Email Here’.