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3 Reasons Why Every Wills Lawyer Should Be Using Email Marketing

For many business owners, and that includes wills lawyers too, email is something which they use to send and receive communications with respect to the day to day running of their business. They see it as a necessary communication tool, and no more. Unfortunately, this means that they are missing out on an opportunity to use email to grow their business, by using it as part of their marketing strategy.

If you are also one of those business owners who have not yet starting using email marketing, then it is time to seriously consider it, not least, because many of your local competitors will be. When we are talking about using email marketing, we do not mean that you should simply start emailing random prospects with loads of sales and promotional messages. This is nothing more than spam, and using it is not only can tarnish your reputation.

Instead, the email marketing we are referring to, is planned, and conducted professionally, and whilst it should ultimately benefit your wills lawyers business, you should also have the aim that the emails you send to your email subscribers are going to benefit them too.

We could write an entire book in the many ways email marketing can be used, and the vast array of different emails you might send. However, if you approach it with the attitude that you want your email to inform, enlighten, help, and even entertain your email subscribers, you are already halfway to your email marketing campaign producing positive results. As for why you should be using email marketing, here are three of the most important reasons.

It Offers Businesses A Huge Return On Investment

There are businesses that spend millions on their marketing and for every dollar spent they obviously expect to see some kind of return on that investment. However, whether a business spends those huge sums of money, or they have a very limited budget, no other form of marketing offers a greater return for such as small investment.

You can actually set up an email campaign on some autoresponders for zero dollars, although we recommend you go for one of the paid options as these have greater security, more features, and are more likely to see your emails appear in the ‘Inbox’ than the spam folder. Even with these paid services the cost is around $20 per month, which compared to some other forms of marketing is minuscule.

It Can Be Used In A Vast Number Of Ways

One of the downsides of any paid advertising is that each ad can only convey one promotional message. To convey subsequent messages you need to pay for each one. Email differs in that you can send unlimited messages, but there is an even greater benefit that email marketing has.

If you think about it you have a huge array of different ways in which email can be used to market your business. Remember, you do not want to be sending promotions every time, as that will soon annoy your subscribers. Instead you want to use email to build a relationship with them, so you should be sending emails such as:

  • Surveys
  • Case Studies
  • Useful Information
  • Step By Step Guides
  • Industry News
  • Meet The Team
  • Guest Posts (From Other Lawyers)
  • Latest Updates
  • FAQs

…and many more, limited only by your imagination.

It Helps To Build Client Loyalty

Think of these two different scenarios. A client employs a wills lawyer, the work is done, they pay the fee and never hear from that lawyer again. Repeat this, but instead of never hearing from the lawyer again, the client receives regular emails which include some of the email types we listed in the previous section. Now ask yourself if that client needs a lawyer again, or someone asks them to recommend a lawyer, which lawyer are they going to tell them to contact?

By using email marketing correctly you remain in the minds of your current clients, that builds upon that relationship, and most important to all, it generates loyalty, which you a never put too high a value on.